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Letters of Administration (Limited) dated 27th April 1829 granted to Charles Meredith of Solihull, writing clerk of the unadministered goods of John Gibbs. Reciting an Indenture of 24th September 1764 (DR38/326) whereby inter alia a term of 500 years was limited to John Gibbs aforesaid and whereas administration of his goods was granted by the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Lichfield Coventry about 9th October 1767 to Elizabeth, wife of William Clark (sister of John Gibbs of Cubbington) who thereunder assigned the said term to Henry Jackson and whereas the said premises comprised in the term of 500 years were situate in the Diocese of Worcester such assignment and subsequent assignments were invalid by reason of there being no personal representative to give title. Granted Letters of Administration to the said Charles Meredith limited to the said property at Snitterfield. Signed John Clifton, Deputy Registrar, Henry Clifton, Proctor. Sealed with the seal of Consistory Court of the Bishop of Worcester. Answers made by Thomas Chattock in April 1829 to Requisitions on Title made by Messrs. Duckworth solicitors for Philips.