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Affidavit of Isaac Peate of Stratford-upon-Avon yeoman that he was born at a place called the Heath, Snitterfield on the 29th April 1768 at a farmhouse occupied by his father William Peate which belonged to Elizabeth Gibbs of Coventry formerly Elizabeth Pear and nee Denston and which was afterwards purchased by Richard Chattock and was inhabited by his son Thomas Chattock of Solihull and further declares that the said William Peate continued to reside on the said farm until the Deponant was about 15 years of age after which he and his family including the Deponent went to live at Briery Farm in the same parish but continued to occupy the said Heath Farm till Lady Day 1794 when the Deponent having married went to live there and from that date until Lady Day 1816 continued to occupy the same as tenant of Richard Chattock, after which time the said farm was occupied by Thomas Mann. Schedule giving acreage and names of fields being 68 acres, 3 roods and 28 perches in all. Signed Isaac Peate. Sworn at Warwick before Thomas Marris.