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Indenture dated 1st May 1849 between the Reverend John Pegler of Stratford-upon-Avon clerk and William Handley late of Barford but now of Leamington Priors gentleman of the 1st part, Ann Hiron of Warwick spinster of the 2nd part, Edward Grevaes of Barford esquire, the Reverend Thomas Hope late of Warwick but now of Hatton clerk, Thomas Wheatley Hiron of Warwick surgeon of the 3rd part, John Giles Toogood of Bridgewater, Somerset surgeon of the 4th part and Mark Philips of Snitterfield esquire of the 5th part whereby the persons of the 1st part, at the request of the persons of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts te4stified by their being parties to the execution of these presents, conveyed the residue of a term of 500 years in the property described in DR 38/353 to Mark Philips to the intent that such term should become merged and extinguished in the freehold. Signed John Pegler, William Handley, Ann Hiron, Edward Greaves, Thomas Hope, Thomas Wheatley Hiron and John Giles Toogood. Stamp seal. Witnessed by S. W. Haynes solicitor Warwick and Henry Toogood of 22, Parliament Street, London solicitor.