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Attested copy of an Indenture dated 18th March 1701 between William Rollinson of Chadlington, Oxfordshire gentleman son and heir of Joseph Rollinson late of the Parish of St. Giles, Oxford gentleman deceased, and brother and heir of Rebecca Evelyn then deceased, one of the daughters of the said Joseph Rollinson and late wife of George Evelyn gentleman deceased of the one part and William Humphreys citizen and ironmonger of The Poultry, London of the other part whereby the property described in DR 38/361 was further mortgaged for £200 by secur5ity of a term of 1000 years (subject to first mortgage, see DR 38/361) by William Rollinson to William Humphreys. Signed and sealed by William Rollinson in the presence of Seymour Wood and Daniel Godfrey. Copy Bond for £200 upon condition to carry out the covenants of Mortgage. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before. All attested by J. A. Dancer and William Westley Dell of Furnival's Inn 1st March 1821.