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Attested copy Indenture dated 1st June 1803 between Walter Landor of Warwick esquire and Elizabeth his wife (Executor Executrix named in the last Will of Margaret Eyres late of Warwick spinster deceased who was the surviving Executrix named in the Will of Mary Eyres theretofore of Warwick deceased) of the 1st part, the Reverend Elias Webb of Sherbourne clerk eldest son, heir at law and devisee of Thomas Webb late of Sherbourne of the 2nd part and Thomas Greenway the younger of the Inner Temple, London esquire of the 3rd part reciting that Thomas Webb (father of the Reverend Elias Webb) had paid the sum of £500 and interest owing to Mary Eyres upon the Mortgage of Briery Land Farm described in DR 38/361 dated 30th March 1747 (see DR 38/369), but that no assignment of the mortgage term of 1000 years had been made, it was thereby witnessed that the said outstanding term of 1000 years was assigned by Walter Elizabeth Landor (at the request of Elias Webb) to Thomas Greenway upon trust to attend upon the inheritance. Signed William Landor, Elizabeth Landor, Elias Webb and Thomas Greenway junior. Sealed in the presence of Henry Eyres Landor (solicitor Warwick), Kelynge Greenway (solicitor Warwick), Edward Elliott servant to Mr. Webb and Ro. Loveday. Attested 2nd March 1821 by J. A. Dancer and Edward Dancer law stationers Furnival's Inn.