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Attested copy Indenture dated 13th February 1819 between the Reverend Elias Webb of Sherbourne clerk, Christain his wife of one part and Thomas Wilcox of Claverdon gentleman of the other part whereby estates in the Parishes of Sherbourne, Fulbrooke and Snitterfield including the estate of (about 108 acres) called Briery Lands Farm (more particularly described therein and in DR 38/356 DR 38/361) all of which estates are more particularly described therein were conveyed by Elias Webb and his wife to Thomas Webb (surviving Trustee of the Marriage Settlement) as security for the sum of £1000 lent to Elias Webb by the Trustees of the Settlement subject nevertheless to the life estate of Christian Webb his wife and to the term of 100 years limited in part of the property for securing a jointure of £400 to Christian Webb. Such property to be held in trust for Elias Webb and his heirs upon repayment of the £1000 and in default to sell and convert so much of the same as was necessary to satisfy the debt residue in trust as before. Signed and sealed by Elias Webb and Christian Webb in the presence of K. Greenway and Thomas Rowe. Attested 12th August 1820 by J. A. Dancer stationer and Henry Stevens both of Furnival's Inn.