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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 5th February 1812 between the Right Honourable George William Earl of Coventry of Croome D'Abitot, Worcestershire of the one part and the Reverend Elias Webb of Sherbourne clerk of the other part whereby a piece of meadow ground called Aston Meadow situate in the Parish of Snitterfield late in the occupation of Messrs. George Thomas Wright and then of the said Elias Webb containing 8 acres, 1 rood and 15 perches was conveyed to Elias Webb and his heirs for ever by the Earl of Coventry aforesaid (containing Schedule of documents of Title of the said land 1668 to 1809 thereby covenanted to be produced). Signed Coventry. Sealed with Lord Coventry's seal. Witnessed by B. Morland and William Lloyd ??? to the Earl of Coventry. Lease dated 4th February 1812 of the same property for one year. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.