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Attested copy Deed Poll dated 20th September 1820 made by Elias Webb of Sherborne clerk. Reciting that there was issue of the marriage between Elias Webb and Christian Wilcox one son then aged 10 years and no other child, it was witnessed that Christian Webb in pursuance of a power given to her by the Marriage Settlement did by those presents appoint that in case there be no other issue of the marriage, the trust funds assigned by the Trustees of the Settlement by her the said Christian Webb by deed dated 10th July 1809 (see DR 38/387) should after her decease be paid to Elias Webb for his absolute use and benefit and in the event of her surviving him to his Executors, Administartors or assigns. Signed and sealed by Christian Webb in the presence of G. Cattell Greenway of Warwick solicitor and Thomas Hayles servant to Mr. Webb. Attested 22nd February 1821 by R. Skinner and Henry Allen clerks to Messrs. Greenway solicitors Warwick.