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Indenture of Assignment dated 15th May 1829 between Charles Meredith of Solihull writing clerk (Administrator of John Gibbs late of Cubbington deceased tailor limited to the term of 500 years, see DR 38/347) of the 1st part, Thomas Chattock of Solihull (Devisee and Executor of Richard Chattock) of the 2nd part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire esquire of the 3rd part and John Burton Philips of Heath House, Checkly, Staffordshire esquire of the 4th part whereby a term of 500 years was conveyed by Charles Meredith at the direction of Thomas Chattock to John Burton Philips in trust for Robert Philips and his heirs to attend upon the inheritance. Signed Thomas Meredith and Thomas Chattock. Sealed Demi griffin nearly obliterated. Witnessed by John Gretton clerk to Messrs. Duckworth, Denison Humphreys Manchester and Thomas Anderton clerk to Mr. Chattock.