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Extract from the Act of Parliament entitled an Act for dividing and inclosing the open and common fields and other commonable lands within the Manor and Parish of Snitterfield. Reciting that the Earl of Coventry and William Bradford gentleman were Tenants in Common of the Rectory Impropriate and thereby entitled to the great or impropriate tithes, and reciting that the Bishop of Worcester was entitled to the Advowson of the Church and that the Reverend Richard Jago was then Vicar of the same and seised of the Glebe lands and Vicarial or small tithes, and reciting that the said Earl of Coventry, Charles Colmore esquire and Richard Jago in respect of Glebe lands, Henry Smith and others were owners of the Common Fields etc., it was enacted that Commissioners should allot parcels of the Common Fields to the Earl of Coventry and William Bradford in lieu of great tithes and that a further portion should be allotted to Richard Jago in lieu of the small tithes. And it was further enacted that the Commissioners should with the consent of the owners of the ancient inclosures (not having lands in the Common Fields) allot any parcel of the said inclosures or any sum of money by way of rent charge in lieu of all tithes great or small arising out of the said ancient inclosures.