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Extract from the Award etc. of the Commissioners made pursuant to the Act of 1765 inrolled by the Clerk of the Peace 11th August 1766 whereby by virtue of the said Act the Commissioners awarded to the Earl of Coventry 118 acres, 3 roods and 33 perches in the Common Fields then called Steers Corner, Pale Lane and Flax Butts fields, to William Bradford 163 a-1r-38p in the fields then called Mercefields, Whesne Hill Field and Stone Hill Field, to Richard Jago an ancient inclosed parcel called Nicholas Close containing 8a-3r-10p, a field called Further Brook Field containing 142a-3r-26p and one other close called Walker's Close containing 10a-1r-36p. Also other ancient inclosed lands called Brick Kiln Close, Long Close, West Monarch Hill Toms, New Leasow and the North end of Little new Leasow containing together 32a-2r-23p in lieu of his glebe lands in the Common Fields and right of commons thereto belonging also in lieu of his small tithes. To John Webb a plot of land containing 2a-0r-13p lying in a certain meadow called Aston Meadow in lieu of his common of pasture in Snitterfield Common Fields. And reciting that the said Earl of Coventry and William Bradford were the joint owners of the Great Tithes of an ancient inclosed farm called Briery Lands in Snitterfield owned by John Webb and that John Webb had consented that the lands might be charged with a yearly rent charge of £1-17-6 in lieu of tithes payable to the said tithe owners. The Commissioners did thereby charge the said land as aforesaid such rent charge to be payable on the 25th March and 29th September as from 25th March 1766.