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Quitclaim with warranty from Thomas Beyneham of Henley in Ardern' to John Norys' esquire and Alice his wife and the heirs and assigns of the said John of one meadow in Toneworth and 4 selions and two butts of arable land with adjacent meadow together with woods, moors, hedges and ditches which the said Thomas lately held by gift and feoffment of John seall' in Toneworth' as is outlined in the charter made to the said John Norys' and Alice his wife; to hold for ever. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday of the feast of Pentecost', 26 Henry VI. Witnesses: William Parker', Nicholas Sown', Richard Cole, John Broun', Thomas Broun' of Toneworth' and others. Octagonal seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., a decorated cross between the letters I S. Latin, parchment, 10.75 x 4.5 ins.