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Gift with warranty from John atte lee of Henley in Ardern' to Richard Archer esquire, John Boteler and Simon Birches of all lands, tenements, rents, reversions and services which formerly belonged to John atte Lee, father of the grantor in Toneworth' which the grantor held jointly with John Ive and William Hichecokes, now deceased, by the gift and feoffment of John Onley, Nicholas Dudley and Joan his wife, William Birches, peter Fereby and John Bukemore; to hold from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Dated at Toneworth', Monday on the feast of St Andrew the Apostle, 18 Henry VI. Witnesses: John Fulwode, William Benford', John Dolfyn', Simon Grove and others. Tag for seal with fragment of red wax. Latin, parchment, 11 x 4 ins.