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Lease for 40 years with warranty from Richard le Archer' esquire to Richard Tayler' of Toneworth' of one field with adjacent meadows in Toneworth' called Barrodyng' and two acres of land in Wygunhull' extending to the rivulet; to hold from the present date for the term of 40 years for the annual rent of 8 shillings and 8 pence to be paid at Christmas, Midsummer and Michaelmas in equal porions inlieu of all services, suits and demand; the said Richard having the right to cut and have all subwoods for his own profit but not to cut large timber except to repair boundaries; the said Richard le Archer' to have the right of distraint if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears for 15 days after any of the said terms and the right of re-entry if there was no distraint or if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears 40 days after any of the said terms. Dated at Toneworth' on the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary the Virgin, 17 Henry VI. Witnesses: John Dolphyn, Richard his son of Aspeley, Henry Crowe, Thomas Alen' William Lee and others. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] C R Taylar Ton'. Latin, parchment, 9.75 x 5.75 ins., indented.