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Quitclaim from Roger Childe of Henley in Ardern' to Thomas Persons son of William Persons of Toneworth' of one messuage with an adjacent garden and three crofts of land in Toneworth' between the land lately belonging to Thomas Notehurst on the one hand and the land of Richard Archer and the lane leading to Wystones broke on the other hand in length, and extending above le Wystones to one headland and above the lane leading towards land called Colyns at the other headland, which property the grantor lately held jointly with Robert Burdon deceased by the gift and feoffment of the said William Persons; to hold for ever. Dated at Toneworth', on the feast of St Gregore the Pope, 35 Henry VI. Witnesses: John Grove, John Dolphyn', Robert Myslam', Richard wescote, John Euelschawe and others. Octagonal seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter I between two sprigs of foliage. Latin, parchment, 10.75 x 4.25 ins.