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Lease for 40 years with warranty from JohnWheler' of Wotton' Wawen' to John Smyth' of Toneworth' of all messuages, lands and tenements, woods, waters, meadows, pastures, feedings, rents and services in Toneworth' which the grantor formerly held by demise from John Tomlot' of Kyngesnorton'; to hold for 40 years from this date rendering annually to William Harewell esquire 33s 4 d [2 terms], to the said John Wheler for the next 36 years 33s 4d [2 terms] and due and customery service to the chief lords of the fee; the said William Harewell and John Wheler having the right to distrain for non-payment or arrears of the said rent 8 weeks beyond any of the said terms; the said John Smyth' to have 'housbote' and 'heybote' and all rights of woods and subwoods, grover, hedges, 'shrydynge' and 'shredyng' during the said term. Dated at Toneworth', Friday on the vigil of the Exalation of the Holy Cross, 5 Edward IV. Witnesses: John Grove, John Cote, John Holyok' and others. Latin, parchment, 8.75 x 7.25 ins.