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Gift with warranty and counterpart from Agnes, late wife of Thomas Colyns of Toneworth', to William Swynshed', vicar of the church of Toneworth, John Bonamy' and John Lynge of St Mary's chantry in the said church, John Smyth and Thomas Blyke, Churchwardens of the said church, Richard Fullwod' esquire, John Benford', JohnGrove of aspeley and John Dolphyn of the annual rent of 3 shillings from all the lands and tenements in Ton' which with other lands and tenements, the said Agnes held jointly with Thomas Colyns, her late husband, by confirmation from the said John Benford' and which formerly belonged to Geoffrey Colyns and Richard Colyns, father of the said Geoffrey; to hold for ever, to be taken once a year on the fesst of St Thomas the Apostle, [21 December]; the said grantees having right of distraint for non-payment or arrears one day after the said term. Dated at Toneworth', 6 June 9 Edward IV. Witnesses: Thomas Parker esquire, Henry Chamber, Thomas Broun' and others. Gift: fragment of red wax on tag; counterpart: circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in., the letters RS crowned. Latin, parchment, 11 x 5 ins., indented.