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Agreement between Walter Ardern' esquire and William Fulford' of Solyhull' that, whereas the said Walter had leased to the said William all his pasture, with meadows and feedings lying together in Toneworth' called Cleburyland', to hold the same from the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary [ 2 February] next for the term of 49 years, by a lease of date, the said Walter granted, in order that the said William should not be distrained or burdened concerning any rent due to be paid to the said Walter at Lady Day term next after the date of this agreement, that the said William should pay to the said Walter the rent due to be paid by him at the said term before the beginning of the said term of years; also that the said Walter agreed to allow and exonerate the said William in the first six years of the said term of 20. Dated at Le Logge, Tuesday in the sixth week of Lent, 35 Henry VI. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 1/2 in., the letter W crowned. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] Clebury Clebere lande [ late 16th or early 17th cent] in Tonworthe Latin, parchment, 10.25 x 4.25 ins. Indented.