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Lease for 12 years from John Archer esquire to John Eggerton' taylor of a parcel of land in Toneworth' called Apulton' seuerrell' with a grove called Shepcotr groue, two cartilages adjoining the same and 3 selions of land and one headland at the lower end of the same, which said parcel of land, grove and 2 curtilages lay together between the field called Pyrhull' and the land of the said John Archer on all sides, and the said 3 selions with the headland lay in the common field called Churchhemfeld', extending into the meadow called Carswell' medowe; to hold from this date for 12 years for the annual rent of 5 shillings [ 2 terms]; the said lessee having the right to cut, fell and carry away all woods and subwoods growing on the arable land of the said parcel of land for his own use and once during the said term to lop the hedge running between the said parcel of land and Apulton Comyn; the said lessor having the right of re-entry if the said rent was in arrears or unpaid at the said terms and sufficient distraint was not found within forty days. Dated at Toneworth' on the last day of January, 12 Edward IV. Witnesses: John Benford', John Dolphyn', John Smyth' and others. Fragment of brown wax on tag. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] Endentur John Archer [late 16th cent] a lease of Appulton Latin, parchment, 8.5 x 5 ins., indented.