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Lease for life from Henry Ferrers esquire, Richard Bagot esquire, Thomas Hoorde esquire, William Cumberford', William Charnell' esquire, William Dawes clerk and Edward Wyserowe, feoffes of Richard Archer esquire of the manor of Toneworth' in the county of Warr' and other lands in the same to Wiilam Vernon knight, Joan, wife of the said Richard Archer, and Thomas Frebody of 20 marks annually from the manor, lands and tenements of Tonworth'' to hold for the lifetime of the said Joan and for the use of the said Joan from the bailiff there at Michaelmas and Easter in equal portions, on the condition that if the said Joan, after the death of the said Richard Archer sought in any of the King's court of Record for her dower from the dowry of the said Richard Archer from some of the lands and tenements which formerly belonged to the said Richard, that after she had deposed the same, that then the payment of the said annual rent should cease; the said William, Joan and Thomas to have right of distraint for non payment or arrears of the said rent, and also a fine of 20 shillings as often as the said rent was unpaid or in arrears for a quarter of a year beyond the said terms, the said distraint not to apply to the persons of the said feoffees but only to the manor and lands aforesaid. Dated 26 April 5 Edward IV 5 tags for seals Latin, parchment, 12 x 6 ins.