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Extract from the Wootton Wawen Inclosure Award dated 19th September 1776 being a copy of DR 38/744 (page 1 and page 2 to end of the allotment in lieu of Rectorial tithes), also being a copy of the said Award insofar as the same related to the Manor of Bearley, i.e. an allotment to the Lord of the said Manor of Bearley of 1 rood and 10 perches in Stourcott Leys bounded on the North East by an allotment to John Parkes, on the South East and South West by an allotment to John Eburne and on the North West by an allotment to John Townsend, Thomas Chambers and John Preston, also an allotment of 5 acres, 2 roods and 0 perches to John Eburne in lieu of certain interests in The Waste of the Manor of Bearley.