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Indenture dated 20th January 1853 between Richard Roberts of Norton Lindsey labourer (eldest and only brother and heir at law of Thomas Roberts late of Snitterfield labourer deceased) of the 1st part, James Hitchcox of Barford miller of the 2nd part and William Allen of Warwick gentleman of the 3rd part whereby the piece of garden ground containing 90 square yards then in the occupation of William Hitchcox adjoining property purchased by him in an Indenture of 20th May 1848, and which piece of land was coloured green in the map endorsed on the said indenture (see DR 38/706) being the residue of the property conveyed by Samuel Roberts to Thomas Roberts in 1835 after the said conveyance of the 20th May 1848 to James Hitchcox was conveyed by Richard Roberts to James Hitchcox for £10. Signed Richard Roberts, James Hitchcox and William Allen. Common wax stamp seal. Witnessed by John Hobbins, clerk to Mr. Allen.