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Indenture of Mortgage dated 19th June 1780 between John Reason of Fulbrook Park yeoman, only son and heir and Administrator of the goods of John Reason late of Rowington yeoman deceased, who was the eldest son and heir and Administrator of the goods of Job Reason late of Claverdon yeoman deceased and also heir at law and Administrator of Thomas Reason late of Rowington yeoman deceased (with Will annexed) of the goods etc. unadministered by him as Executor of Job Reason of the one part and Thomas Daniel of West Street, Warwick tailor of the other part whereby a close called Symonds Ground and others called the Seven Lands and the Further Breach together with a messuage and barns etc. erected thereon and late in the occupation of John Bolt also a close called the Little Breach (3 acres, 3 roods and 25 perches), another close being part of a close called the Great Breach (1a-1r-0p) adjoining the Common Field called Reading and to the said Great Breach and to other lands of John Reason on all sides, which last two mentioned closes were theretofore in the tenure of Mary Reason, and all which said closes were then divided into 4 closes and with the said messuage were then in the occupation of Thomas Pitcher, and were situate in the Parish of Claverdon, were demised by John Reason to Thomas Daniel for a term of 500 years subject to a proviso for redemption in consideration of £200. Signed John Reason. Seal a man's head. Witnessed by William Tibbits junior. Endorsed upon the back with another Indenture bearing the date 24th October 1785 between Sarah Daniel of Warwick widow and Administratrix of Thomas Daniel who died intestate of one part and William Pagett and William Tibbits of Warwick gentlemen of the other part. Reciting an intended marriage between Sarah Daniel and John Bolt of Warwick ostler, and that the said Sarah Daniel was entitled to one half of the goods of Thomas Daniel deceased (Thomas Daniel having died intestate without any issue by her) , it was witnessed that in consideration of the said intended marriage, the said Sarah Daniel assigned to William Pagett and William Tibbits the said Mortgage for £200 upon trusts referred to therein. Signed by the mark of Sarah Daniel. Red wax seal bearing letter W. Witnessed by Elizabeth Howlett and Thomas Lamprey. Bond of 19th June 1780 by John Reason of Fulbrook Park to Thomas Daniel for £200. Signed and sealed as before. Witnessed by James Gaven and William Tibbits junior.