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Indenture between Stephen Knapp of Coventry printer and Eliza his wife of the 1st part, William Sansom Davis of Coventry baker of the 2nd part and Dennis George Barnes of Coventry auctioneer of the 3rd part. Reciting that William Drakesford by his Will dated 20th April 1814 devised (inter alia) one moiety (half) of his interest in the hereditaments purchased by him of John Reason the younger in 1789 (see DR 38/755) to his granddaughter Elizabeth Smith for her life, remainder to John Hickling, Thomas Drakesford Whorrall and William Whorrall and their heirs upon trust for all the children of Elizabeth Smith and the Testator devised the other moiety to his granddaughter Dorothy White for her life, with remainder to John Hickling, Thomas Drakesford Whorrall and William Whorrall upon trust for the children of Dorothy White, and in default of such issue to Elizabeth Smith for life with remainder upon trust to her children. And reciting that Elizabeth Smith married Dennis George Barnes and that there was issue of 6 children, namely: Eliza, wife of Stephen Knapp, Charlotte, wife of William Sansom Davis, Thomas, Martha, Mary and James Smith. And reciting that Dorothy White has no children and reciting ????, it was thereby witnessed that Stephen and Eliza Knapp conveyed to William Sansom Davis and his heirs their one undivided sixth moiety, expected on the deaths of Dorothy White and Elizabeth Barnes, in the hereditaments described in DR 38/750. Signed Stephen Knapp, Eliza Knapp, William Sansom Davis and Dennis George Barnes. Red wax seal with letter D thereon. Witnessed by Joseph Rainbow of Coventry. Acknowledged by Eliza Knapp (a married woman) before Thomas Ball Troughton and Henry I. Davis, Perpetual Commissioners. Certificate of Acknowledgement by Eliza Knapp (a married woman) of the above dated Deed and of her examination touching the same by Thomas Ball Troughton and Henry I. Davis.