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Indenture between John Taylor late of Stretton-on-Dunsmore but then of Eathorpe farmer and William Butwell the younger of Yarningale, Claverdon farmer of the 1st part, Christopher Musgrove of Milverton Hill, (Leamington) esquire of the 2nd part and the Reverend Archer Clive of Whitfield, Herefordshire clerk and George Clive of ???? esquire of the 3rd part. Reciting that James Palmer then late of Yarningale farmer deceased was seised of certain hereditaments hereinafter described (see DR 38/759) and reciting the Will of James Palmer dated 15th January 1849 in which he devised all his hereditaments to his brother William Palmer for life and thereafter to the Testator's nephew John Taylor and his great nephew William Butwell the younger who then resided with the Testator and their heirs for ever upon certain trusts. Reciting the deaths of James Palmer and William Palmer and reciting the Marriage Settlement of Christopher Musgrove the elder dated 3rd 4th July 1832 (see DR 38/770) and that Archer Clive and George Clive, Trustees of the Settlement, had sold certain hereditaments confirmed in the trust and that for the purpose of re-investing the proceeds of sale, Christopher Musgrove the younger on their behalf had contracted to buy other hereditaments, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £46 paid by Archer and George Clive, they the said John Taylor and William Butwell conveyed to Archer and George Clive as Trustees of such Settlement aforesaid described in DR 38/759 then in the occupation of Thomas College. Signed John Taylor, William Butwell and Christopher Musgrove. Seal letter H. Witnessed by J. W. Whitaker, clerk to Messrs. Gibbs Couchman, solicitors, Henley-in-Arden and William Oakes Hunt, solicitor, Stratford-upon-Avon.