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Norton Lindsey


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 28th January 1727 between John Blick of Norton Lindsey yeoman (eldest son and heir of Matthew Blick late of Norton Lindsey yeoman deceased) of the 1st part, George Farriner alias Walker of Wilnecote yeoman and Susanna his wife (widow and Administratrix of the goods of the said Matthew Blick deceased), William Blick of Norton Lindsey yeoman and Susanna Blick of the same place spinster (the two younger children of the said Matthew Blick by Susanna his wife then infants under 21 years of age) of the 2nd part and John Walker of Snitterfield yeoman Robert Welch of Grove Park, Budbrooke gentleman of the 3rd part. Reciting the death of Matthew Blick intestate in September 1720, he being possessed of personal estate to which his widow, Susanna Farriner was granted Administration and thereafter married George Farriner and that certain differences had arisen. Reciting DR 38/786 and that George and Susanna Farriner had paid to John Blick the £24 as directed by the Award and had assigned to him certain mortgaged closes in auction described in DR 38/786 and that the conditions of the Award had been fulfilled, it was witnessed that John Blick released the said George and Susanna Farriner from all further claims in respect of the personal estate of Matthew Blick deceased and further witnessed that the said John Blick demised to John Walker and his assigns a messuage, close and appurtenances in Norton Lindsey, also all that one half yard land, arable meadow and pasture and ten poles of meadow lying dispersedly in the Common Fields of Norton Lindsey formerly part of one yard land and a half there theretofore in the successive occupations of Thomas Rogers, Susanna wife of George Farriner and then of John Blick for a term of 2000 years with remainder to the use of Robert Welch and his heirs, provided that the said term should cease and determine upon a release given by John Blick to George Susanna Farriner from all claims in respect of the shares of William Susanna Blick in the personal estate of their deceased father Matthew Blick and upon payment by him the said John Blick of £60 to each of the said William Susanna Blick in respect of their shares in the said personal estate , provided also that the estate of Robert Welch expectant upon the termination of the said term should be upon condition that if John Blick should pay to the said Robert Welch £30 upon the 28th July 1726 he the said Robert Welch should at his own charges convey to John Blick the estate limited to him by this Indenture. Signed John Blick. Seal a pelican. Witnessed by Edmund Makepeace and Richard Barrfoot. Lease dated 27th January 1727 for one year by John Blick to John Walker of the same property. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.