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Norton Lindsey


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 29th September 1737 between William Blick of Norton Lindsey yeoman, only brother and heir of John Blick deceased (see DR 38/788) of one part and John Yeate of Snitterfield yeoman of the other part whereby the premises described in DR 38/788 was mortgaged by William Blick for £130 to John Yeate by conveyance of the fee simple to John Yeate subject to the proviso for redemption. Signed William Blick. Black wax seal, crest 4 crossed arrows, shield a stag between two arrows. Witnessed by Bart Mason and Gilbert Glover. Lease dated 28th September 1737 for one year by William Blick to John Yeate of the same property. Signed and witnessed as before. Black wax seal, cupid with bow and arrow shooting at five hearts.