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Indenture between William Reeder then residing at Florence in the Duchy of Tuscany esquire, eldest son and heir at law of William Reeder then late of the Middle Temple esquire deceased of the 1st part, Dennis George Barnes of the City of Coventry auctioneer and Elizabeth his wife of the 2nd part, William White of Coventry gentleman and Dorothy his wife of the 3rd part, Stephen Knapp of Coventry printer and Eliza his wife, William Sansom Davis of Coventry baker and Charlotte his wife, Thomas Smith of Graham Street, City Road, London watchmaker, James Smith of Coventry watchmaker, Martha Mary Smith of Coventry spinsters which said last mentioned persons were the 6 children of Elizabeth Barnes (see DR 38/765) of the 4th part, the Honourable Ann Elizabeth Musgrove widow of Christopher Musgrove then late of Harley Street, Middlesex esquire deceased and Christopher Musgrove of Leamington Priors esquire of the 5th part, the Reverend Archer Clive of Solihull clerk and George Clive of Saunderstead House, Croydon, Surrey esquire of the 6th part, John Howlette of Rowington farmer of the 7th part and Thomas Metcalfe of Lincoln's Inn esquire of the 8th part. Reciting DR 38/755 and the Will of William Drakesford recited in DR 38/765 and also DR 38/765 generally and reciting Indentures dated 3rd 4th July 1832 being a settlement between Christopher Musgrove of Harley Street, Middlesex (since deceased) and Ann Elizabeth Musgrove his wife (then his widow) of the 1st part, Christopher Musgrove the younger a captain in H. M. Army (eldest son of Christopher Musgrove deceased and Ann Elizabeth his wife) of the 2nd part, Charlotte Mary Lushington of Clifton, Somerset spinster of the 3rd part, the said Archer Clive and George Clive of the 4th part, John William Gage esquire a captain in H. M. 14th Regiment of Light Dragoons of the 5th part and Edward Bolton Clive of Whitfield, Hertfordshire esquire Edward Clive a Lieutenant in H. M. Army of the 6th part being a settlement made previous to the marriage of Christopher Musgrove the younger with Charlotte Mary Lushington whereby certain hereditaments were limited to Archer and George Clive upon trusts more particularly described therein and reciting that the said Archer and George Clive in pursuance of a power to sell the hereditaments limited to them and re-invest in other hereditaments had with the consent of the parties concerned had sold certain hereditaments, it was thereby witnessed that the children of Elizabeth Smith (including Stephen Knapp and Eliza his wife for further assurance (see DR 38/765), they having sold their undivided share to William Sansom Davis) and William Reeder, heir at law of William Reeder the elder Trustee for William Drakesford (see DR 38/755) conveyed to Archer and George Clive the premises described in DR 38/750 (adding that all the said closes were stated to be divided into 4 closes and then in the occupation of Thomas Pitcher were called by the several names of Home Meadow (2 acres, 0 roods and 25 perches), Home Close and Top Garden (2a-1r-0p), the Near Hill (3a-2r-22p), and the Far Hill (2a-1r-35p) containing in the whole (with the site of the messuage) 10a-3r-14p, all which premises were then late in the occupation of Isaac Cattell as undertenant of Dennis George Barnes, Elizabeth his wife, William White and Dorothy his wife to the uses and upon trusts of the Settlement and reciting that by an Indenture dated 28th November 1789 (see DR 38/756) a term of 500 years in the said property had been assigned to Thomas Howlette in trust to attend upon the inheritance of William Drakesford and whereas the said Thomas Howlette had died about 23rd November 1823 intestate and reciting DR 38/757 whereby John Howlette became Administrator of the goods of Thomas Howlette, it was further witnessed that he the said John Howlette assigned the said term of 500 years to Thomas Metcalfe to attend the inheritance upon trusts of the Settlement. Signed William Reeder by his attorney Charles Tew, Dennis George Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, William White, Dorothy White, Stephen Knapp, Eliza Knapp, William Sansom Davis, Charlotte Davis, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Martha Smith, Christopher Musgrove and John Howlette. Red wax seal, letter D Seal of Christopher Musgrove, a bust of Shakespeare? Witnessed by Henry I. Davis, solicitor, Coventry, George Lewis Parker and James Henry Davis of 5, New Square, Lincoln's Inn and Charles Le....y, solicitor, Coventry. Acknowledged by Elizabeth Barnes, Dorothy White, Eliza Knapp and Charlotte Davis, married women as their act and deed before Richard Davis and Henry I. Davis Perpetual Commissioners. Certificate of the Examination of the above named married women by Richard Davis and Henry I. Davis.