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Norton Lindsey


Indenture of Mortgage between Charles Edward Jackson of Norton Lindsey farmer and Thomas Wallis of Rowington farmer of one part and Thomas Ball of Hatton farmer of the other part reciting DR 38/ 817 DR 38/820, and that the said Charles Edward Jackson had occasion to borrow from Thomas Ball £1400, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £1400 received by Charles Edward Jackson of Thomas Ball, they the said Charles Edward Jackson and Thomas Wallis in consideration of 5/- to him paid by Thomas Ball demised the premises described in Schedule No. 2 of DR 38/817 for a term of 1000 years as security for repayment of £1400 and subject to a proviso for redemption. Signed Charles Edward Jackson and Thomas Wallis. Red wax seal with man's head thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Tidmas and J. Colbourne.