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Norton Lindsey


Indenture of Declaration of Trust between Thomas Ball of Hatton farmer of one part and William Tibbits of Wroxall farmer of the other part reciting DR 38/821 and reciting that the sum of £600 (part of the sum of £1400 lent on Mortgage) had been advanced by William Tibbits, it was witnessed that the said Thomas Ball declared himself to stand possessed of the term of 1000 years in trust for £600 and that he would at all times thereafter pay to the said William Tibbits the interest on the said £600 (part of the said principal Mortgage sum of £1400 lent to Charles Edward Jackson, see DR 38/821). Signed Thomas Ball. Red wax seal with man's head thereon. Witnessed by William Tibbits and William Tibbits junior both of Warwick.