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Norton Lindsey


Extract from the Award of John Whitehead of Barford gentleman Commissioner appointed by an Act for Inclosing lands in the Hamlet of Upper Norton otherwise Norton Lindsey passed in 47 Geo III. The said Commissioner inter alia awarded to William Jackson in lieu of his 3 yard land and 3 sixteenth of a yard land with appurtenances, one plot situate in Moors Field and the Ferns containing 33 acres, 1 rood and 30 perches bounded by the Homestead and ancient inclosures of William Jackson the younger, the Snitterfield road, the seventh allotment to Charles, Lord Dormer, the Parish of Wolverton and other allotments, one plot situate in the Ferns and Hither and Far Ryton Fields containing 52a-3r-31p bounded by the Snitterfield road and inter alia the 1st allotment to William Canning also in lieu of and in exchange for 1 rood theretofore belonging to William Jackson therein awarded to Thomas Woods Weston, a piece of inclosed land in Norton Lindsey containing 20 perches bounded by the Town street, the Homestead and garden of Thomas Pacey, the home Close of William Jackson and the homestead and garden of Thomas Webb Edge esquire formerly the land of Thomas Woods Weston. Also in lieu and in exchange for part of the Home Close of William Jackson containing 24 acres and a piece of garden containing 20 perches awarded to Thomas Webb Edge, another plot containing 1 rood and 4 perches bounded by the Town street, the homestead and the 1st allotment to William Jackson, formerly the land of Thomas Webb Edge.