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Norton Lindsey


Probate of the Will of Thomas Canning dated 17th November 1849 and a Codicil dated 14th March 1852. (Extracted from the Principal Registry of H. M. Probate Court, in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury) Will of Thomas Canning of Norton Lindsey farmer whereby he devised all his hereditaments in Norton Lindsey to his nephews John Cooke Canning, William Canning and Samuel Canning (sons of the Testator's late brother John Canning) as tenants in common subject to and charged with the payment to his nephew Thomas Canning and to his niece Mary Canning (son and daughter of the said John Canning deceased) the legacies of £1000 and £600 respectively, and he bequeathed to John Cooke Canning, his nephew Francis Hill of London and Gad Gould of Sherborne £500 upon trust to invest the same and pay the income to William Gould (Testator's nephew) until his bankruptcy (after which such income to be used for the support of his wife and children) or until the death of the said William Gould, with remainder after the death of the said William Gould to Francis Hill and Gad Gould absolutely. And as to the residue of the Testator's personal property to the said John Cooke Canning, Francis Hill and Gad Gould upon trust to pay the Testator's debts etc. and upon trust for his nephew's and niece's Francis Canning Hill and Henrietta Hill (children of the Testator's late sister Mary, wife of Francis Hill deceased) and Gad Gould, Mary Gould, Naomi wife of William Heath of Leamington, Gideon Gould, Samuel Gould, Ebenezer Gould and Jabey Gould (sons and daughters of the Testator's late sister Elizabeth wife of William Gould deceased) in equal shares. And the Testator appointed John Cooke Canning, Francis Hill and Gad Gould his Executors. Signed by the Testator in the presence of Thomas Heath solicitor, Warwick and J. C. Harris, clerk to Mr. Heath. Codicil revoking the share of John Gould in residuary estate of the Testator directing the interest on the same to be paid to Sarah Gould wife of the said John Gould for life and the capital in such portions as the said Sarah should by Deed or Will appoint with remainder in default of such appointment to the Testator's great nephew John Packwood Gould absolutely. Signed by the Testator in the presence of Thomas Heath and Richard Child Heath. Deposition sworn by Thomas Heath as to the signature of the above Codicil before John Boulier Vicar of St. Mary's, Warwick Commissioner (by virtue of a Commission in that behalf annexed) Proved at London with the Codicil 26th April 1852 by the Oaths of Francis Canning Hill (in the Will named Francis Hill) and Gad Gould before Thomas Sparkes LL. D. Surrogate.