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Norton Lindsey


Affidavit of John Cook Canning of Sherborne gentleman declaring that 1) That he has known a small piece of land containing 12 perches in Norton Lindsay fronting the Snitterfield road, forming part of a field or pasture called 'The Moors' in the occupation of his brother Samuel Canning. 2) That the aforesaid parcel of land was purchased in January 1844 by his uncle, Thomas Canning (see DR 38/836) and that there were then 2 cottages thereon which were subsequently pulled down and the land thrown into an adjoining field. 3) That his said uncle and he, John Cook Canning, and his two brothers William and Samuel Canning had entered into possession of the said April of land and had received the rents and profits thereof. Signed John Cook Canning. Sworn before Edward Wright Commissioner for Oaths.