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Norton Lindsey


Note William Jackson the younger of Welford was presumably heir at law of William Jackson party to DR 38/817 so that from this date the whole property inherited from Joseph Jackson see DR 38/806 was held by William Jackson the younger Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 26th October 1805 between Charles Edward Jackson late of Norton Lindsey but then of Tachbrook farmer of the 1st part, Thomas Wallis of Rowington farmer of the 2nd part, Thomas Ball of Hatton farmer of the 3rd part, William Tibbits of Wroxall farmer of the 4th part, William Jackson the younger of Welford, Gloucestershire farmer of the 5th part, John Jackson of Rumer Hall, Welford of the 6th part and Thomas Hunt of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 7th part. Reciting DR 38/817, DR 38/820 DR 38/821 and that William Jackson had agreed to purchase the premises referred to for £2700, it was thereby witnessed that in pursuance of the said Agreement and in consideration of the sum of £800 paid to Thomas Ball and £600 paid to William Tibbits (with the consent of the said Charles Edward Jackson), also in consideration of £1300 paid to Charles Edward Jackson, and in consideration of 10/- paid to Thomas Wallis by William Jackson, they the said Charles Edward Jackson and Thomas Wallis conveyed to William Jackson all the hereditaments described in Schedule No. 2 to DR 38/817 and it was thereby further witnessed that in consideration of £800 napped to Thomas Ball and £600 paid to William Tibbits, they the said Thomas Ball and William Tibbits assigned the term of 1000 years in the said premises described and limited in DR 38/821 to Thomas Hunt upon trust to attend the inheritance of William Jackson. Signed Charles Edward Jackson, Thomas Wallis, Thomas ball, William Tibbits, William Jackson and John Jackson. Seal letters H H. Witnessed by William Tibbits and Robert Hobbes attorneys of Warwick Stratford-upon-Avon respectively. Lease dated 25th October 1805 for one year of the same property by Charles Edward Jackson and Thomas Wallis to William Jackson. Signed by Charles Edward Jackson and Thomas Wallis. Sealed and witnessed as before.