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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between John Canning of Wadham College, Oxford gentleman of the 1st part, Marianne Canning of Sherborne widow of the 2nd part and Samuel Canning of Marroway Farm, Snitterfield gentleman of the 3rd part. Reciting DR 38/856 and that a division of property had been made between John Cook Canning and Samuel Canning and that it had been agreed that Samuel Canning should purchase the moiety of John Cook Canning in the property described in DR 38/856 for £87-10-0 and that the said Samuel Canning had paid to the said John Cook Canning the said sum but that no conveyance had been executed to the said Samuel Canning, and reciting that Samuel Canning, since the said division, had erected an additional cottage on the said property and that John Cook Canning died on 18th February 1875 leaving John Canning his eldest son and heir at law, and reciting that John Canning had agreed to execute a conveyance of the moiety in the said hereditaments and Marianne Canning, widow of John Cook Canning had agreed to be party thereto for the purpose of passing her claim to dower. It was witnessed that they the said John Canning and Marianne Canning conveyed the undivided moiety in the premises described in DR 38/856 (formerly belonging to the said John Cook Canning) to Samuel Canning in fee simple in fulfilment of the aforesaid agreement. Signed John Canning and Marianne Canning. Red wax seal. Witnessed by William Canning of Sherborne, solicitor's clerk. Memorandum endorsed thereon that the cottage said to have been erected was one of the 3 cottages pulled down and re-erected.