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Norton Lindsey Sherborne


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 10th May 1821 between the Reverend John Webb Edge of Strelley, Nottinghamshire, clerk of the 1st part, Francis Hunt of Alderwadley, Derbyshire esquire and Thomas Moore then late of Woodborough, Nottinghamshire, but then of Wilford in the same County esquire of the 2nd part, Thomas Canning of Norton Lindsey aforesaid farmer of the 3rd part and John Canning of Sherborne farmer (a Trustee for Thomas Canning) of the 4th part reciting the Will of Thomas Webb Edge esquire dated 12th April 1815 whereby he devised all his real estate at Sherborne and elsewhere in the County of Warwick to the persons of the 2nd [part upon trust to raise certain sums by rate or Mortgage and thereafter to stand seised of the residue to the use of John Webb Edge and his heirs, and reciting that Thomas Webb Edge died in June 1819 and reciting an Indenture in the year 1820 between Thomas Webb Edge the younger of the 1st part, Francis Hunt and Thomas Moore of the 2nd part and John Webb Edge of the 3rd part whereby Thomas Webb Edge the younger released the hereditaments in Sherborne and the County of Warwick from the payment of certain sums, it was witnessed that Francis Hunt and Thomas Moore in consideration of 10/- to them paid by Thomas Canning, at the request of John Webb Edge and in consideration of £210 paid by Thomas Canning to John Webb Edge conveyed to the said Thomas Canning a cottage with appurtenances formerly in the occupation of William Reynolds and afterwards of William Hopper and then of Joseph Gazey. Also a parcel of land containing 24 perches adjoining to the said garden. Also a parcel of garden ground containing 20 perches adjoining the town street, the Homestead of Thomas Patey and the last described parcel of land, which said parcels of land and garden were taken in exchange by Thomas Webb Edge the elder deceased from William Jackson and awarded to the said Thomas Webb Edge by the Enclosure Award of 1st February 1809. Signed John Webb Edge, Francis Hunt, Thomas Moore, Thomas Canning and John Canning. Witnessed by Joseph Simpson and Charles Skynner, clerk to Mr. Allsopp, solicitor, Nottingham, William Milward and James Crump junior. Lease dated 9th May 1821 for one year of the same property by the Reverend John Webb Edge, Francis Hunt and Thomas Moore to Thomas Canning. Signed Joseph Simpson, Charles Skynner and William Milward.