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Norton Lindsey


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 24th April 1819 between William Jackson the younger theretofore of Welford but then of Long Marston, Gloucestershire farmer of the 1st part, John Jackson theretofore of Rumer Hall, Welford, Gloucestershire but then of Norton Lindsey farmer of the 2nd part, Thomas Canning of Norton Lindsey gentleman of the 3rd part and John Canning of Sherborne gentleman of the 4th part, reciting DR 38/824 whereby the property described in Schedules 1 2 of DR 38/817 was conveyed to William Jackson the younger, it was thereby witnessed that William Jackson conveyed to Thomas Canning, in consideration of £5175 to him paid by Thomas Canning, the messuage or farm house and buildings etc. with appurtenances, the site whereof containing 1 rood and 25 perches and a croft adjacent containing 1 rood and 24 perches also the homestead close containing 1 acre, 1 rood and 30 perches, also a plot of land described in DR 38/825 containing 33a-1r-30p, also another such plot described as aforesaid containing 52a-3r-31p and all other lands awarded by the Inclosure Award to William Jackson. (John Canning a feoffee to certain uses for Thomas Canning). Signed William Jackson, John Jackson, Thomas Canning and John Canning. Red wax seal. Witnessed buy Thomas Heydon and Alexander Parkes. Lease dated 23rd April 1819 for one year by William Jackson and John Jackson to William Canning of the same property. Signed William Jackson and John Jackson. Sealed and witnessed as before.