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Norton Lindsey


Probate of the Will of Mary Canning of Sherborne widow dated 26th July 1814 whereby inter alia she devised to her sons John and Thomas Canning £500 upon trust to invest the same and pay the proceeds to Mary Hill (wife of Francis Hill and daughter of the Testatrix) for her life and thereafter as to £400 to be equally between the Testatrix's grandchildren, Francis Canning Hill and Henrietta Hill, children of Mary Hill at 21 years of age, and as to the other £100 upon trusts thereinafter declared and the Testatrix gave to her sons John Canning and Thomas Canning £500 on trust to invest the same, with the aforesaid £100 after the death of Mary Hill, and pay the interest thereon to Testatrix's daughter Elizabeth Gould for her life and thereafter to divide the same between the children of the said Elizabeth Gould at 21 years. Signed by the Testatrix in the presence of Thomas Heydon and Mary Stanks. Proved in the Consistory Court of Worcester 5th November 1831 before James Henry Arnold LL. D. Sworn under £1500.