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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between Thomas Gibbs of Wolverton gentleman of the 1st part, Joseph Tarver of Norton Lindsey carpenter of the 2nd part and John Canning and Samuel Canning both of Sherborne gentlemen of the 3rd part whereby the Mortgage in the premises described in DR 38/853 was conveyed by Thomas Gibbs (at the direction of Joseph Tarver) to John and Samuel Canning in consideration of £100 paid to him and a further £50 advanced to Joseph Tarver by the said John and Samuel Canning, and the said Joseph Tarver confirmed the Mortgage to Messrs. Canning for £150. Signed Thomas Gibbs and Joseph Tarver. Witnessed by Thomas Chadwick, clerk to Messrs.. Morris and Wallington, solicitors, Warwick.