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Norton Lindsey


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 10th January 1794 between Henry Phillips of Claverdon cordwainer of one part and Thomas Court of Norton Lindsey yeoman of the other part whereby the property described in DR 38/872 together with a messuage and appurtenances were conveyed by Henry Phillips to Thomas Court for £30. Signed Henry Phillips. Red wax seal. Witnessed by William Tibbits solicitor and James Loveday auctioneer, both of Warwick. Lease dated 9th January 1794 for one year by Henry Phillips to Thomas Court of the same property. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before. Bond dated 11th January 1794 by Henry Phillips to Thomas Court for £60 upon condition to perform covenants for further assurance etc. described in DR 38/879. Signed Henry Phillips. Sealed and witnessed as before.