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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between Joseph Court of Norton Lindsey yeoman and Alice, his wife of the 1st part, John Jakeman of Barston, Warwickshire labourer of the 2nd part and Thomas Porter Morris of Warwick gentleman of the 3rd part whereby the property described in DR 38/879 DR 38/888 was conveyed by Joseph and Alice Court to John Jakeman (Thomas Porter Morris being a Trustee for John Jakeman) for $140. Signed Joseph Court, Alice Court and by the mark of John Jakeman. Witnessed by Thomas Chadwick, clerk to Morris Wallington, solicitors, Warwick. Endorsed with an acknowledgement that Alice Court having been examined separately acknowledged that she executed the Deed freely and voluntarily. Signed Thomas Morris and Thomas Heath Commissioners. Certificate dated 23rd February 1849 of the examination of Alice Court (a married woman) before Thomas Morris and Thomas Heath Commissioners.