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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between George Fenton of Warwick gentleman of the one part ant Robert Needham Philips of Snitterfield esquire of the other part reciting the Will of Jane Pacey dated 11th July 1885 whereby she appointed George Fenton her Executor and devised all her real property to George Fenton upon trust to sell, and reciting the death of the said Jane Pacey on 8th December 1886, it was witnessed that George Fenton in consideration of £120 conveyed to Robert Needham Philips a cottage, garden and premises adjoining the Norton Lindsey to Snitterfield road and formerly in the occupation of Thomas Pacey afterwards of his son Thomas Pacey and then of Jane Pacey. Signed George Fenton. Witnessed by Leonard E. Hatton, clerk to Messrs. Heath Blenkinsop.