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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between the Right Honourable John, Earl of Shrewsbury theretofore John Talbot esquire and George Fortescue Turvile of Husbands Bosworth Hall, Leicestershire esquire (Trustees for sale under the Will of Charles, Lord Dormer dated the 10th August 1816 and certain Indentures dated 12th 13th September 1828 and 16th September 1828) of the 1st part, the Right Honourable Joseph Thaddeus, Lord Dormer of the 2nd part, Joseph Court of Norton Lindsey yeoman of the 3rd part and Charles Jackson of Warwick tollgate keeper of the 4th part whereby two parcels of garden ground at Norton Lindsey in the occupations of Thomas Pacey and Joseph Court were conveyed by the persons of the 1st 2nd parts to Joseph Court for £20 paid by him (Charles Jackson being a Trustee for Joseph Court) and the said persons of the 1st 2nd parts covenanted with Joseph Court to produce certain documents of Title set out in a Schedule therein. Signed Shrewsbury, George Fortescue Turvile and Dormer. Red wax seal. Witnessed by George Finncen, valet to Lord Shrewsbury, Leonard Jesse, clerk to Messrs. Barrett Eyston, Gray's Inn, William Clarke, butler Husband's Bosworth Hall, W. Wastuaby, solicitor, Market Harborough and George Eyston, Gray's Inn solicitor.