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Norton Lindsey


Indenture between Joseph Turner of Hampton-in-Arden labourer and John Gardner of Eastcote Green, Barston farm bailiff of the 1st part, Charles Snipe of Barston labourer and Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Jakeman spinster and Thomas Jakeman of Birmingham labourer of the 2nd part and Robert Needham Philips of Welcombe esquire of the 3rd part reciting the Will of John Jakeman (see DR 38/891) and the deaths of the said John Jakeman and his wife Mary Ann, it was witnessed that in consideration of £150 paid to Charles Snipe and Thomas Jakeman by Robert Needham Philips as a nominal consideration paid to Joseph Turner and John Gardner, they the said persons of the 1st 2nd parts conveyed the premises described in DR 38/879 DR 38/888, all of which hereditaments were described in a map thereto, to Robert Needham Philips. Signed Joseph Turner, John Gardner, Charles Snipe, Elizabeth Snipe and Thomas Jakeman. Red wax seal with letter H thereon. Witnessed by Thomas Snipe and Spencer Goule, solicitor, Warwick. Endorsed with an acknowledgement by Elizabeth Snipe, a married woman, of her examination touching the contents of the Deed before Thomas Chadwick and Thomas Snape Commissioners. Lot 205 in 1930 sale.