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See DR 38/980 Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 9th April 1751 between Thomas Walford of Wolverton gentleman and Elizabeth his wife of one part and Stephen Nason of Wolverton clerk and Ann his wife of the other part whereby in consideration of £400 paid to Thomas Walford by Stephen Nason, and of £400 to be paid to Mary Watson and also in consideration of £320 to be paid to Elizabeth Burman of Billesley widow for the satisfaction of a Mortgage thereinafter mentioned and also in consideration of an Annuity or rent charge of £30 issuing out of the lands hereinafter mentioned to be paid to the said Thomas Walford and Elizabeth his wife for their lives and the life of the survivor of them and also in consideration of the natural love and affection which Thomas Walford had for his son-in-law and only daughter Ann (wife of Stephen Nason), he the said Thomas Walford conveyed to Stephen Nason a messuage at Wolverton together with the yard, garden and orchard, and also a close called Roan's Close, and also 3 yard lands and one quarter of a yard land lying dispersedly in the Common Fields of Wolverton in the occupation of Seymour Walford, also 4 cottages and closes adjoining in the occupations of John Creed, Joseph Morris, Robert Gibbs and William Knight with appurtenances to the use of Thomas Walford and Elizabeth his wife, or the survivor of them for a term of 39 years if they or the survivor should so long live, such term to be void if and so long as the annuity was paid, remainder to the use of Stephen Nason and Ann his wife and the heirs of Stephen Nason for ever, free from encumbrances except those created by Indentures dated 20th June 1738 (see DR 38/926) and another Indenture dated 9th January 1739 between Nathaniel Cookes of Stratford-upon-Avon mercer of one part and Joseph Woolmer of the same place gentleman of the other part whereby a term of 500 years was demised to Joseph Woolmer. Signed Thomas Walford. Red wax seal, an eagle? Witnessed by Sturch Walford and Martha Pesell. Lease dated 8th April 1751 for one year of the same property by Thomas Walford to Stephen Nason. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.