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Indenture of Assignment between Elizabeth Burman of Billesley widow (late Elizabeth Cookes spinster) of William Burman late of Shottery gentleman deceased, Stephen Burman of Shottery gentleman, sole Executor of the Will of William Burman deceased and Hannah Vennor of Warwick widow and sole Executrix of Thomas Vennor late of Warwick baker deceased of the 1st part, Mary Watson of Stratford-upon-Avon widow of the 2nd part, Stephen Nason of Wolverton clerk of the 3rd part, Charles Wheler of Warwick esquire of the 4th part and Edward Croft of Warwick gentleman of the 5th part reciting DR 38/926 and that there was then owing to Elizabeth Burman £341-6-0 for capital and interest and reciting that William Burman since the making of the Indenture described in DR 38/926 had married Elizabeth Cookes, and had since died leaving Stephen Burman his sole Executor who had thereby become entitled to the term of 500 years in the premises described in DR 38/926, and reciting Indentures recited in DR 38/936, also in DR 38/936, also in DR 38/937 and reciting DR 38/939, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of £341-6-0 to Elizabeth Burman and Stephen Burman paid by Charles Wheler and of 5/- paid to Hannah Vennor by Charles Wheler and of £412 paid to Mary Watson by Charles Wheler (at the request of Stephen Nason) and of 5/- apiece paid to Elizabeth Burman and Mary Watson by Edward Croft, they the said Elizabeth Burman, Stephen Burman, Hannah Vennor and Mary Watson, did (at the request of Stephen Nason and Charles Wheler) assign and transfer to Edward Croft and his Executors etc. the several terms of 500 years, 500 years, and 500 years limited in the premises described in DR 38/926 (to Thomas Vennor by DR 38/926, to Joseph Woolmer by Nathaniel Cookes by an Indenture dated 9th January 1739 and to Mary Watson by DR 38/937) in trust for Charles Wheler as he should direct. Signed Elizabeth Burman, Stephen Burman, by the mark of Hannah Vennor, Mary Watson, Stephen Nason and Edward Croft. Seal a demi griffin. Witnessed by Joshua Harborne, John Sproson, E. Holloway and George Hains.