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See DR 38/989 Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 20th January 1753 between Stephen Nason of Wolverton clerk and Ann his wife, Henry Vennor of Warwick linen draper (only son and heir of Thomas Vennor late of Warwick baker deceased) of the 1st part, Charles Wheler of Warwick esquire of the 2nd part and Edward Croft of Warwick gentleman of the 3rd part reciting DR 38/940, it was witnessed that Stephen Nason and Ann his wife in consideration of £1200 to him paid by Charles Wheler and of 5/- to Henry Vennor paid by Charles Wheler, they the said Stephen Nason and Ann his wife and Henry Vennor granted the premises described in DR 38/939 except the cottage in the occupation of William Knight (the premises described as in the occupation of Seymour Walford then being described as in the occupations of Thomas Billinton, John Lowe and Mary Cross) to Charles Wheler and his heirs subject to a proviso for redemption upon repayment of £1200. Signed Stephen Nason, Ann Nason, Henry Vennor and Edward Croft. Seal a demi griffin. Witnessed by Joshua Harborne, E. Holloway and George Hains. Lease dated 19th January 1753 for one year of the same property by Stephen Ann Nason and Henry Vennor to Charles Wheler. Signed Stephen Nason, Ann Nason and Henry Vennor. Sealed and witnessed as before except for the omission of George Hains.