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Indenture of Assignment between Edward Croft of Warwick gentleman of the 1st part, Charles Wheler of Warwick esquire and Stephen Nason of Wolverton clerk of the 2nd part , John Crompton of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire esquire of the 3rd part and John Parkes of Warwick linen draper of the 4th part reciting DR 38/926, DR 38/936, DR 38/937, DR 38/939, DR 38/940 and DR 38/945, it was witnessed that in consideration of 5/- to Edward Croft paid by John Parkes, the said Edward Croft (at the request and direction of Charles Wheler and Stephen Nason) assigned the Annuity of £30 per annum (limited by DR 38/939 to Thomas Walford issuing out of lands conveyed to Stephen Nason and therein described, assigned to him, Edward Croft, by DR 38/940 upon trust for Stephen Nason) for the residue of 39 years determinable as described in DR 38/940 to John Parkes in trust for John Crompton, and the said Edward Croft assigned the three several terms of 500 years limited to him by DR 38/945 in the premises described in DR 38/926 to John Parkes to attend the inheritance of John Crompton. Signed Edward Croft, Charles Wheler, Stephen Nason and John Parkas. Seal, a classical head. Witnessed by H. Beardsley and C. Blackhorn, his clerk, Joseph Carter and John Parry.