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Wolverton Snitterfield


Copy Will of Thomas Cookes of Billesley gentleman whereby he devised to his eldest son Thomas Cookes all his messuages, cottages, lands and hereditaments in Snitterfield or in the Common Fields thereof chargeable nevertheless with £12 per annum to the Testator's wife Sarah for her life (except out this devise the tithes which the Testator had purchased from Joseph Lacy and which he devised to his son William Cookes) and he devised to his wife Sarah Cookes and his son Thomas Cookes all his hereditaments in Wolverton (including those in the Common Fields there) to hold the same after his death until his sons John and Nathaniel should attain their respective ages of 21 years and thereafter he devised the said hereditaments in Wolverton to his said sons John and Nathaniel and their heirs for ever subject nevertheless to the payment thereout of an annuity of £12 to the Testator's wife Sarah for life and the Testator directed that his wife Sarah and son Thomas Cookes should out of the rents of the hereditaments at Wolverton devised to them, retain thereout £12 per annum for the use and benefit of his wife Sarah absolutely and that the residue of the rents should be utilised for paying his (the Testator) debts and legacies, and the Testator devised the tithes of Snitterfield which he had then recently purchased from Joseph Lacy to his son Thomas and his wife Sarah for the maintenance of his children, until his son William should attain 21 years and thereafter to his son William and his heirs for ever, with a gift over to the Testator's son Thomas if his said son William Cookes should die before attaining 21 years without issue and the Testator bequeathed all his stock and crop in Snitterfield to his brother-in-law Robert Maunder and Anne his wife (except £17 which he directed Robert Maunder to pay to his Executors for a parcel of sheep, and he directed that Robert Maunder should enter into a Bond for £100 with his Executors, the interest thereon to be paid to the Testator's sister Anne Maunder for her life as her separate estate and the Testator gave to his daughters Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary £300 apiece upon attaining 21 years of age with cross remainders in case any should die under that age, and he devised his house at Wolverton, then in the occupation of John Bradshaw, to his wife Sarah for her life. Witnessed by John Philips, John Cookes and Thomas Woolmer. Attested by Bartholomew Mason and Gilbert Glover.