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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 20th June 1738 between Thomas Cookes of Aston Cantlow gentleman and John Cookes of Billesley gentleman of the 1st part, Elizabeth Cookes of Wolverton spinster of the 2nd part and Thomas Vennor of Warwick baker of the 3rd part whereby Thomas Cookes and John Cookes, for the securing of a legacy of £500 and interest bequeathed to Elizabeth Cookes by the Will of her father Thomas Cookes deceased (see DR 38/922) which sum was due from Thomas Cookes as Executor of the said Will and from John Cookes, who for value received from Thomas Cookes had undertaken to pay the said sum if it was not paid by Thomas Cookes and also in consideration of 5/- to each of them paid by Thomas Vennor conveyed one undivided moiety or half part in a messuage, garden and orchard with appurtenances and a close together with one yard land and a quarter yard land of arable meadow and pasture thereto belonging theretofore in the occupation of Clement Waring and Thomas Townsend, and then of Sarah Cookes all of which were purchased by Thomas Cookes deceased of Hugh Walford of St. Andrew's, Holburn, Middlesex gentleman, also an undivided moiety or half part of a tenement with appurtenances in Wolverton formerly in the occupation of Richard Hargrave and then of John Creed, also an undivided moiety or half part in one yard and a quarter of arable land lying dispersedly in the Common Fields of Wolverton theretofore in the occupation of Thomas Walford but then of Sarah Cookes, which hereditaments were purchased by Thomas Stanton deceased from the said Hugh Walford, also an undivided moiety or half part in two cottages with appurtenances in Wolverton theretofore in the occupations of John Fowler and Thomas Silvester and then of Joseph Morris and John Mills, to Thomas Vennor upon trust for Elizabeth Cookes for a term of 500 years and thereafter upon trust for John Cookes subject to a proviso for redemption upon payment of £520 by John Cookes to Elizabeth Cookes. Signed Thomas Cookes and John Cookes. Seal, cupid with a pierced heart. Witnessed by Sarah Cookes and Thomas Walford. Lease dated 19th June 1738 for one year by Thomas Cookes and John Cookes to Thomas Vennor of the same property. Signed, sealed and witnessed as before.